5 Exotic Pets You Can Keep Outside

Pets are a great addition to any household, offering companionship, joy and comfort to their owners. If you’re looking for am exotic pet that’s a little more unconventional than normal and one that can be kept outdoors, then there are plenty of exotic animals you can pick from. We’ve put together a list of our 5 favourite possibilities; its a varied list, from animals that are very exotic to ones that are prone to being domestic animals so that whatever your needs and circumstances are, you’ll hopefully be able to get some ideas from this list, to find a pet that suits you best. Its always recommended to do thorough research before you consider buying a pet. You need to know all about their behavior, requirements, costs, health issues and any other information that may impact your lifestyle. When choosing a new pet it’s always important to think of both your needs and capabilities as well as your future pet’s requirements to figure out whether you are compatible.


1. Chickens

Chickens make great exotic pets – and not just because they’ll provide you with an unlimited supply of fresh eggs! They are quite sociable animals and have their own little personalities, it’s quite amusing to watch them clucking about and interacting with each other. Chickens are also very independent and don’t require as much care and attention as a dog would, so you can leave them to their own devices with little effort involved from you. Their maintenance is pretty low, they can eat food scraps or plain feed and their coop can be cleaned once a week. If trained from a young age, they don’t mind being picked up, stroked or cuddled. Raising chicks can be a fun and rewarding experience, they are wholesome companions who bring a bit of tranquility into day to day life.

Chickens as pets

2. Micro Pigs

There is something very fascinating and endearing about pigs that many people have opted into keeping them as pets. They are loving, very intelligent and curious animals that provide you with hours of comical entertainment and affection. Mini Pigs, like dogs, are very smart, can be house-trained and also bond very closely with their family. But Micro Pigs love lots of space to roam around and explore in, so need to spend lots of time outdoors. Even though pigs are more of an exotic pet, they still need to be looked after and need an owner who is knowledgeable about their care and behavior, someone who will provide them with enough physical care and mental stimulation. when considering a Micro Pig, be sure to do some thorough research before you make your decision, as they can be a handful at times.

Micro Pig pets

3. Tortoises

Tortoises are quite a popular exotic pet choice because they are very placid creatures and don’t need much attention. But they do need to be maintained, sheltered and have dietary requirements. Having a pet tortoise is also a lifelong commitment, quite literally as a tortoise’s lifespan usually goes above 70 years of age, so you should be prepared to care for them for many decades. Tortoises need a large outdoor enclosure which should include a cosy corner for hibernation and space to explore. Make sure the pen is built strongly and is secure to prevent both the tortoise from escaping and predators coming in. They also need a varied diet of fresh water, fruit, vegetables, mice and insects to keep them healthy and happy.

Tortoise pets

4. Hedgehogs

These spikey little animals can make the cutest of pets if they are cared for and trained properly. hedgehogs are adorable, gentle and loving pets, especially when they have been regularly handled to grow accustomed to human interaction, otherwise, they can stay shy and timid. They are habitually nocturnal creatures, so if you have a busy day life you don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your hedgehog alone, as they will most likely be snoozing while you’re gone. Hedgehogs don’t carry dander like other household pets so they make a great pet for anyone who suffers from allergies. They can also be kept outdoors, but make sure they’re in a safe and secure cage.

Hedgehog pet

5. Birds

A Bird can be a great, loyal exotic pet and is very easy to care for compared to other household animals. Even though there is no such thing as a no-maintenance bird (or pet for that matter), different bird species have different personalities as well as needs so it’s a good idea to do your research. There are a few bird breeds that are a lot easier to care for than others, such as Canaries, Cockatiels and Budgies/Parakeets These birds are perfect for beginners, they are easy to care for and can be very sociable and affectionate.




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