5 ways to keep your cat happy this winter

It is so important to know what makes your cat happy. The winter season is soon approaching and many of us seem to undergo various changes when the season turns cold. During the hustle and bustle of transitioning to heavier clothing and winterising our environments, we come back to the reality of having to get through the winter.  And it’s not just humans that sometimes have problems with transitioning to winter. Cats also may have trouble transitioning to colder weather without your help. The following information contains key areas to address when making sure your cat’s overall mood is taken care of during the winter.

1. Cheer Up Your Cat

Cats can get depressed during the winter. The condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, and the symptoms of this ailment are:

  •   Feelings of fatigue
  •   Appearing sad or depressed
  •   Appearing to not have much energy

Here are some ways to combat the moodiness your cat may experience during the winter months:

  •   Get a SAD light to help brighten the atmosphere.
  •   Provide a small planter containing your cat’s favourite tender grass and herbs.
  •   Knit or crochet a catnip toy and hang it on a fishing pole (or a handmade pole with a stick and yarn) so your cat can play with it.
  •   Create spontaneity in your cat’s life by changing his bed and alternating his treats.
  •   Read to your cat. Reading allows you to spend personal time with your cat while alleviating their boredom.
  •   Play animal or bird music. Nothing sparks your cat’s interest like hearing animal or bird music.

2. Keep Your Cat Warm and Fed

Cats love finding warm spots in the house because that’s the perfect place for them to get cozy and nap. When cats disappear, you can almost bet they are in a warm spot somewhere.  So, it’s no surprise to see a cat in a place where there’s heat. This will be the ideal place for them to nap the day away.  Places of heat like near the stove, near baseboard heaters or by the fireplace are ideal sports to find a cat snoozing.

When it comes to feeding your cat, just think eat-based and grain-free. Also, refrain from allowing your cat to free freed because that will make your cat overweight from eating just to kill time. Have your cat on a specific feeding schedule. Remove food not eaten within 30 minutes. If you invest in an interactive feeder, it will also allow your cat to burn off energy while eating.

Your cat should always have access to fresh water.  During the winter, your cat may need more water since the inside air becomes drier from the heat.  Therefore, make sure your cat’s drinking bowl is replenished with water throughout the day. For cats that don’t drink enough water, try a pet water fountain. This can combine play time with providing a necessary nutrient.

3. Allow lots of cuddling

As already stated, cats love to keep warm. They also like to cuddle up in a warm lap.  Your cat can cuddle for hours just by relaxing on your lap. To show your cat proper affection, take time each day to allow your cat to have some lap time.  Despite the stereotype that cats are not as loveable as dogs, cats do adore quality time with the people they love.  While having lap time, talk, stroke, or brush your cat. When giving your cat eye contact, slowing blink at your feline friend, which is a sign of trust to cats. Before long, you’ll realise your cuddling time is just as soothing to you as it is to your cat.

4. Take time to Play

Cats love to play; it helps them exercise, helps burn off extra energy, helps sharpen their instincts and improves their emotional well-being.  After having their playtime, cats tend to have better sleep. Often, the entire household benefits from your play time with your cat because it creates an atmosphere that elevates everyone’s mood. All it takes is 15 minutes per day to give your cat a healthy dose of play time. You can have your cat chase a feather, catch catnip balls, chase a laser light or do some other activity involving using their instincts and jumping around.

And just when you thought recycling was getting old, you will find that your cat loves leaping into cardboard boxes. It won’t hurt to keep a few around so you can play hide and seek with your cat.

Another toy that allows your cat to burn off energy is the cat condo or cat. You can get this toy in a variety of styles. Most will have cubby holes, hammocks and multiple levels for climbing. Your cat will love the versatility of this toy.

5. Provide window space and light

It may be a winter wonderland outside with nothing but snow for miles. But that doesn’t stop your cat from wanting to enjoy the view. Your cat will love admiring the snow. Cats can occupy themselves with a window view for many hours at a time, which is why it’s a good idea to have a spot prepared for them for this pastime. You can buy a window seat made for cats or make one yourself. Your feline friend will appreciate having a soft and comfortable spot to look out the window. Also, make sure the location of the cat’s seat makes it convenient for window watching so the window seal won’t obstruct their view.

This spot in the house will soon become your cat’s den. You can also provide more entertainment by placing a bird feeder outside the window.

Despite what many people think, cats are highly affectionate creatures. Therefore, make it a point to show your cats you love them by providing a safe environment where they can freely be themselves. So, add a scratching post to your kitty’s list of toys, and your cat will love the play and emotional nourishment it provides. And when combined with the 5 tips above, you are well on your way to a ensuring your cat stays happy this winter

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