Review of Majestic Pet Trellis Rectangle Pet Bed

The Majestic Pet Trellis Rectangle Pet Bed is a water and stain resistant bed that is designed to give your pet comfort when lying down or lounging around. This American-made product has a mattress made of durable waterproof material. The 7-oz. cotton slip cover is simple to clean, which makes this product user-friendly for pet care.

It’s interesting to see what others think about a product after having used it. However, you can’t just look at the positive reviews without reading the reviews with low ratings for the product. Most reviewers gave the bed a positive rating because their pets enjoyed it. If you want to just spot wash the bed, you can. However, most reviewers mentioned that the outside cover can be removed and washed on a delicate washing cycle without being damaged.

As far as the durability of the cover is concerned when in use, one reviewer mentioned that his dog ripped the cover after using it for two weeks. One customer expressed disappointment in the zipper being easy to tear off the cover. Another reviewer was disappointed in how the mattress quickly lost its fluffiness. Another customer mentioned having to replace the fill sack inside the bed with memory foam because the dog was frightened at how the material shifted each time the pet moved on the bed. However, one customer used the bed in an unconventional way by using it as a dorm room window cushion seat.


  • Versatility: can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • 300/600 Waterproof Denier Base
  • 1000 hours of UV protection
  • Simple to clean (just spot clean with mild detergent and hang dry)
  • Made in the USA


  • The shifting of the material inside the fill sack from pet movement on the bed may frighten some pets
  • Cover not very durable
  • Fill sack tends to lose its fluffiness after brief time of use

It seems that most customers were satisfied with the product. Based on the reviews, it seems the product is more durable when used inside instead of outside. Many customers remarked the bed was larger than expected and could be used by several puppies (or a few small dogs) at one time. If a pet lover is looking for a product that fares well when it comes to water resistance, this product is an ideal choice. This would be a product I would love for my own pets to have because of the comfort and simplicity in maintenance this product offers.   

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