Review of FrontPet 20 Watt Heated Cat House


Finding a suitable cat house that will keep your cat warm through the winter, whether an indoor or outdoor cat is not an easy task. Domestic cats are wanderers and spend a lot of time outdoors, often preferring to stay out as long as possible. In the winter, my cat runs the risk of being shut out because all the doors and windows are closed.

This heated cat house strategically placed in either the shed, garage or an outhouse, provides a source of comfort and warmth for kitty so you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying whether he/she is OK.

There are other similar products on the market but this one seems to do the trick and comes with a heated pad as well. The heated pad in an enclosed area is ideal for any cat and will even keep feral cats warm and snug when there is nowhere else for them to shelter.


Cat house product description:

The FrontPet 20 Watt Heated Cat House for Indoor & Outdoor Cats has been designed to create a warm snug environment. While it is water resistant, it is not waterproof and so placing it directly in the outside against the elements is not a good idea. After all it is still an electrical device. It will do fine in any sheltered area outside. It has a removable heating pad so it can be used all year long and is quick and easy to set up – no tools required. Easy to clean as well and is a tough piece of kit, resistant to scratching.


What’s the general consensus?

The variety of reviews are telling. The product is extremely popular with people who want to accommodate their cat indoors during the cold months. Cats instinctively look for enclosed spaces to nest and find comfort, so it’s obvious why this cat house is a favourite.

The fact that it gets used all through the year because the heated pad can be removed is a bonus. It looks good and won’t look out of place in a well furnished home. It’s probably important to remember that cats have a different sense of heat to humans and even the low wattage of the pad that comes with this house will provide a source of warmth and comfort. Quite a few other reviewers have said that they couldn’t feel it getting warm, but then that’s the idea – it warms up for the cat.

All that said, there are quite a few reviewers that feel it isn’t suitable for outdoor use. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding about where outdoors. In a barn, a garage, a shed or under some shelter. It needs an electrical outlet so it’s not going to be suitable to be placed in the middle of the lawn. The second complaint was about the heating and that is also probably a misunderstanding about what constitutes heated for people as opposed to our feline friends.

There were references made to other makes such as K&H, which some reviewers offered a better option in a similar product.


The Pros

  • Made with Durable weather resistant material.
  • Resistant to scratching and clawing.
  • Easy to put up and take apart for cleaning.
  • Snug and cosy, so that even feral cats can find comfort.
  • Can be moved around to find the perfect spot.

The cons

  • Not directly suitable for the harsh outdoor elements.
  • Single size house, may accommodate two cats that are friendly but a bigger one would be needed for a larger cat family
  • Expectations can be that the house can be placed out in the snow in water. This is not an option for an electrically heated device.

The FrontPet 20 Watt Heated Cat House for Indoor & Outdoor Cats does the job it was designed for, if the purchaser doesn’t try to take it beyond its limits. It only comes in one size and is not like a lot of dog houses which can be be left out in the open. The heating pad is just right for a cat and will not overheat creating other risks.



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