Review of The K&H Lectro Outdoor heated pet bed


My dog loves being outside, come rain or shine. Of course, like people our canine family also get cold if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Finding a solution to keep him warm and cosy while still being able to access the outdoors has not been an easy one. Sure, he has a dog house, it provides suitable waterproof shelter, but not always enough warmth. Creating a balance between his love for the outdoors and providing warm safe shelter has been a tough one. After I spotted the lector outdoor heated pet bed, I thought I had to do some research.

Pet bed product description:

Thermostatically controlled, which means that it heats up to meet your dog’s body temperature when it is being used and cools down when not. This is a safety feature for all the right reasons and, it’s economical to use. It makes it perfect for the outhouse, shed, doghouse or any other sheltered structure that your pet uses to keep warm and dry. It works even at twenty degrees below, so you can be assured your pet has a source of warmth. As a bonus, it comes with a free fleece cover, adding to comfort and warmth for your pet.

What’s the general consensus?

Do not expect this item to turn into a raging hot, furnace like pet bed. That’s not its purpose. It works well by maintaining a temperature above the ambient temperature, which works as a drawcard. Several reviews indicate that these have been bought to support feral animals that otherwise suffer for warmth and shelter. This proved that the thermostatic controlled concept works well for outdoor animals. Easy to set up with a self-inflatable valve, even the technically handicapped claimed they could use this item with ease.

Understanding the views of other reviewers can be complex. Some people have expressed disappointment with how the bed heats up but I don’t think they have totally understood what it is that they’re buying. It does get warmer, when the animal is using the bed. It cools down when the animal departs to go explore their environment. If it didn’t cool down, it would be a fire hazard. There have also been some reviews about damage on delivery.

The Pros

  • Moisture resistant, made of a durable plastic.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Cover is removable and replaceable for cleaning.
  • Thermostatically controlled removing fire risk
  • Perfect for outdoor and feral cats and dogs.
  • Exceptionally good value for money

The Cons

  • Not suitable for anxious animals that might chew at it.
  • Requires an accessible electrical source
  • Occasional delivery issues, but that’s usually with the courier and not the supplier.

This is a fabulous product, whether for your outdoor pet or for a feral rescue situation. It offers peace of mind especially during those cold winter months. Customer service is clearly up to the mark and if you’re not happy with the bed you can get a refund.

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