Review of Electric Heater for Dog Houses and Animal Shelters

This product is a 200-Watt electric heater that is designed to keep your pet’s dog house or outdoor structure warm during the chilly days of the year. The product has an internal fan that acts as a heat distribution system that circulates the heated air throughout your pet’s shelter.  There is an auto shut-off function providing safety of use, and the heater knows to restart when the temperature drops below the thermostat. Other safety features include a 6-8-foot chew-proof cord that is made for long durability.


There were few reviews on this product. However, a lot of information on customer satisfaction (and disappointment) was found in the conversations about the answers to many of the questions people asked about the product. Most reviews pointed out that the fan did not evenly distribute the heat throughout the pet’s house. One reviewer attributed the poor heat distribution to the weak air flow of the fan.  Many applauded the product for its user-friendliness and being safe to operate since the controls were covered.  Some people responding to the questions remarked how the heater could be used successfully in chicken coops and other outdoor shelters that fit the size specifications for the heater. However, one reviewer suggested not to use this product if you are using a plastic house. One reviewer stated the fan only worked for a short while after its first use and did not work anymore.


  • Attaches to the wall of outdoor pet shelters for dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, horses, and other outdoor pets with just a few mounting screws (included).
  • Heating capacity for structures no larger than 35 cubic feet
  • Safe to touch with auto-shut off and thermostat
  • Three temperature ranges available: low (53-64 degrees), medium (66-77 degrees), and high (77-82 degrees)


  • Heater does not have a filter
  • Not much fan power to produce substantial heat (only 200 watts)
  • Fan may not work

This doesn’t seem like the type of heating product I would want to rely on for my pet’s comfort while outside during the winter months. Overall, it seems customers did not like this product. The ones who communicated in the reviews and the conversations concerning the product questions mostly expressed dissatisfaction about the product’s poor capability to heat the pet’s shelter. Although there were no reports of the product having any safety issues, there were some concerns about using the product in structures with plastic coverings on the walls.  

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