Review of K & H Manufacturing Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad

Pet lovers will appreciate the freedom to adjust the thermostat on the K & H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel heating pad. The pad is ideal to use with puppies, elderly dogs and dogs recovering from surgery. The product passes the MET safety qualifications and operates with the simple push of a button.

Your pet has the option of laying on the heating pad or near it to stay warm during the cold months. The pad is designed to keep your pet warm in extreme freezing weather. The cord is steel-wrapped to prevent your dog from chewing it.


A mixture of reviews was given on this product, but most of them tended to stress that the heater did not produce much heat. Some reviews stated the product stopped working after a few days (and hours in some instances), and the replacement didn’t work much better.  Even some of the five-star ratings pointed out that the pad still felt warm to the touch after it’s been on for a while. One reviewer recommended using a pillow to test the heat of the pad because the goal is to have the heat pad warm enough to keep your pet cosy but moderate enough to prevent burns.  Another reviewer commented that the fleece cover seemed a bit flimsy in structure and was easy to tear if your dog chewed on it.

It seems the biggest flaw of this product deals with the digital display area. One customer remarked about the loose seal around the digital display allowed for moisture to seep inside the heater. Some reviews mentioned the poor heating quality of the product. On the other hand, cat owners and owners with older dogs really liked the product, giving it good reviews.


  • Controllable thermostat (between 80-100F)
  • Does not need a lot of voltage for use (only needs 60 watts)
  • Bonus fleece cover included
  • Cleans off easily with a damp cloth and is fleece machine washable
  • Chew-resistant cord
  • Machine Washing
  • 1-year warranty


  • Does not work well with other covers
  • Excessive voltage (over 110 V) use may melt product
  • Frequent product malfunctions due to faulty seal around the digital display
  • Hardness of material may be uncomfortable for some pets

Overall, this product has been rated 4 out 5 stars. Most of the positive reviews are very general in nature and don’t give any specifics on what made the customer satisfied with the product. But product quality is listed as high due to the finest materials being used. The product is also Vet & Expert recommended due to them being affordable, reliable and beneficial.

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