Review of K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Extra-Wide Kitty House

Product description

The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Extra-Wide Kitty House is a versatile house for cats that can be used either indoors or outdoors. It’s water-resistant structure means owners can place the house anywhere without worry of the house getting wet from the weather elements. Two doors with removable flaps are provided so cats are able to escape should they encounter an unwelcomed visitor.  The product takes a few minutes to assemble using hooks and loops and needs no tools for assembly.  The Lectro-Soft, energy efficient heated bed is removable and only heats part of the floor, so your pet can choose to be on the warm part when desired. The house can fit up to 2 adult cats or a mother with her kittens. The product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s the overall customer consensus on the K&H Kitty House?

Most people gave this house a 5-star review. Many praised this house for being a product their cats really loved. The versatility of using the house both indoors and outdoors seemed to be a plus for many owners. Owners commented on how their cats were highly satisfied with the product even though they may not have liked the plastic doors (which most customers took off unless the house was placed outside and in chilly weather). One customer felt like his cat had a more positive demeanor after using the house for a while.

Here’s how K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Extra-Wide Kitty House stacks up when it comes to negative reviews. Very few customers gave this product a low rating. Despite the popularity of this product, a few customers commented the heating pad didn’t work. So, many owners chose to replace the heating pad with another brand.  A few customers giving a low rating did so because of the failure of the product to repel water.  

The Pros

  •      Fits up to 2 cats
  •       Roof overhangs over front and rear doorway
  •       One-year warranty
  •       Easy assembly
  •       Comes in both heated and unheated version
  •       Great for both indoor and outdoor cats
  •       Meets MET Labs Product Safety Certification

The Cons

  •       Not completely waterproof as advertised
  •       Heating pad inconsistent in operating

Overall, it seems that most customers were well pleased with the response their cats had to the house and gave the house a 5-star rating. Although some were a bit dissatisfied with the house getting wet in rainy weather, most customers were still satisfied with the house serving its purpose.

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