Review of Milliard Portable Heated Outdoor Pet House

Product description

The Milliard Portable Heated Outdoor Pet House is a lightweight but sturdy dog house designed to keep your pet dry and warm during rainy and winter weather. This house has dual door flaps that allows your dog to leave the house when encountering an unwelcomed guest. The included energy-saving heating pad with a 6 foot, chew-resistant cord has an internal thermostat that provides optimum comfort for your pet.

What are others saying about the Milliard Heated Pet House?

There are mixed reviews concerning this dog house. For starters, many people seem to be impressed with how easy the house assembles (using Velcro and zippered joint technology), and one customer said they were able to set up the house in less than five minutes. Terrier owners seemed to really love how easy their pets adapted to being in this house.  Another benefit some customers love is that the house itself seems to be very sturdy even though it requires no special tools to assemble it. 

One cannot just look at the positive reviews without considering what others are saying that’s not so positive. When reviewing the negative reviews, it seems many people have had a problem with the heating pad. Some reviews stated that the heating pad never worked. One review mentioned that the pad worked for a little while and then discontinued working. Another reviewer stated that the company’s response to the request to replace the faulty heating pad was unsatisfactory. The customer noted that the company said they no longer carried that brand of heating pad for the house, and there were no more replacement pads in stock. One customer mentioned the stitching on the house was irregular.

The Pros

  • Low- wattage, six-foot heating pad
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durability
  • Has transparent front and rear doors that seal in heat  

The Cons

  • House may have irregular or crooked stitching
  • Logo excessively large and may look like it’s your pet’s name.
  • Heating pad no longer available.

Moreover, it seems the Milliard Portable Heated Outdoor Pet House is good for moderately cold weather and may not be suitable for weather that may require the use of the heating pad that may occasionally work (or not work at all).  The most promising feature on this house is the cushiony structure. Other than this, the house seems to have little promise for being the top pick in climates that are really cold.

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