Review of The Confidence Pet Waterproof Dog Kennel


My big and still growing dog needed a big dog kennel and finding one that would fit him was very tricky, but eventually, I found this amazing one from Confidence and it was worth the time it took to find! Considering the size (and make no mistake this dog kennel is big) it was very quick and easy to assemble.

Product description of The Confidence Pet Waterproof Dog Kennel

It’s made from a thick and durable plastic and easily stands up to the elements, so far it’s seen heavy rain and strong winds, and been absolutely fine. Because of its size, I think this is a much better outdoor dog house but if you have the room for it I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t look good inside.

The smooth walls and roof make cleaning quick and easy and there’s plenty of room for blankets, pillows, and toys. One particular thing I really liked was the large entrance which is the perfect shape for a dog, while also still providing good coverage.

In a lot, the past dog houses I’ve had the entrance was either too small or practically took up the whole front of the dog house, which left my dog badly exposed to the rain and the wind.

But Confidence has got the design just right with this extra-large house and from a cosmetic standpoint, it looks beautiful. The blue roof contrasts wonderfully with the white walls, so many dog’s houses fall short when it comes to their design. It’s understandable really after all dogs don’t see colour but the extra work they put in to make it look nice is really appreciated.

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What do others think of The Confidence Pet Waterproof Dog Kennel?

Many friends and family members have commented thinking it was a model or piece of garden furniture, so they certainly went the extra mile design wise. Fully waterproof and offering great ventilation this dog house would suit any climate and while it’s designed for bigger breeds I think medium to small dogs would really appreciate the extra room offered.

So, if you really feel like spoiling your dog and giving it plenty of space this would make a great dog house for any dog owner. The space might be a little too big for just a cat but cat owners are just like us and love to spoil their pets so if you really want a roomy outdoor home this would certainly do the job.

The only downside and this is understandable due to its size, is that this dog house is heavy weighing just over 30lbs. Moving it from indoors to outdoors is going to be hard without disassembling it first and just moving it around my garden can be a little difficult sometimes. So, my advice is to think carefully before you place it somewhere because you won’t want to be constantly moving it.

Overall this is an amazing, luxurious dog house that is well worth the money, it’s perfect for larger dogs but would suit any breed.

 The Pros

  • Beautiful design.
  • Very strong and secure.
  • Will stand up to the elements.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Can fit all kinds of dogs.

The Cons

  • Heavy and difficult to move.  

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