How to train your dog to sleep outside

Training an Indoor Dog to Sleep Outside

Your bond with your dog doesn’t have to control your life. It may have been great having your dog live inside the house when you first met, but there comes a time when it’s time to take your house back and teach your dog how to sleep outside.

Decide if Outdoor Life Works for Your Dog

Your dog must be in the appropriate health conditions to survive being outdoors. Some breeds can’t handle the outdoor weather and wouldn’t be able to stand one night outside. Climates can also be a factor. If you live in an area where the temperatures get below 35 degrees, you may not want to consider having your dog in that type of weather. Also, your dog’s temperament and breed may determine if your dog is suited for outdoor life.

Keep Your Dog Safe

To keep your dog safe while sleeping, have your dog behind a fence. That keeps out trespassers and prevents your dog from wandering. A shelter should be available for your dog in cases of harsh weather conditions. The options are plenty because there are a lot of products out there that will suit your pet for an outdoor a shelter.

Make Your Dog Feel at Home while Outside

Your dog will be comfortable outdoors if you provide your pet with an environment reminiscent of the indoors. For example, a dog used to pillows and covers will more likely accept being outdoors if those same things are provided.

Success Won’t Happen Overnight

The change from sleeping indoors to outdoors is going to take some time—especially if your dog is used to sleeping on your bed. So instead of introducing your dog to a sudden shift from being on your bed to going outside, let the change be gradual, which will promote a smoother acceptance of sleeping outdoors. Sleeping on the floor should be your first goal. After that, have your dog sleep in another room. Shift to the laundry room and to the garage, which will finally shift your dog to outdoors.

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