Winter Pet Care: Top tips for looking after your dog, cat or pet this winter

Winter Pet Care

When the winter months roll around it’s easy for things to slip your mind amongst Christmas shopping and wondering how it’s gotten so cold. If you have a furry friend by your side then make their winter pet care a part of your winter checklist.

Is Fur Enough?

You might think that your pets portable fleece would be ample protection against the nip of the winter air. However, it is important to take precautions to make sure that they keep a comfortable body temperature. If your pet is an outdoor dweller then you should make sure they have an enclosed, dry and warm shelter to keep them guarded from the harsh weather. Additionally, if you have an indoor pet with a short coat you should keep them cosy with a coat or jumper when you both brace the winter walks.

Don’t Forget About Their Paws!

Your feet will be taken care of in some comfy boots but your pets paws might get a little roughed up. The salt used to melt ice off your neighbourhood paths can be quite damaging. It can dry out those delicate soft pads, so make sure to add pet safe moisturiser to your shopping list. Alternatively, you can buy some cute booties to match the coat and help them fight the frost.

Car Comforts

The car will be a safe haven in these chilly months when you can hop in, blast the heaters and wave your fog breath goodbye. The cats in the neighbourhood will also love the warmth of your car and may take to having a nap beside your engine or curled up on top of your wheels. If you know that there are kitties in your area then make it a part of your morning routine to check any hiding places.

It’s more than likely that you will use or come across antifreeze in the icy months. You will have to be particularly careful with this around your pets as it is extremely toxic. If you see your pet licking any sort of liquid from the sidewalk, keep an eye on their behaviour. If they start to act strangely and fitting, take them to the vet immediately.

Holiday Weight Gain

You’re not the only one to suffer a little extra weight around the holidays, your pets do to. If your pet is getting less exercise due to the weather then you should compensate and scale back their food consumption. Check with your vet to make sure your pet keeps a healthy weight.

With these tips, your pets can enjoy the holidays as much as you do!


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